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16 Oct / 26 Oct : Happy birthday Mu’az & Din!

Posted by Emg Trading & Services on 27 October, 2009

Yesterday, 26 oct was a birth day of my younger brother, Khairuddin. Last 2 weeks, my son Mu’az, reach 4 years old on 16 oct.

I try to join them together in one ceremony, but Din got Induksi..a compalsory program for goverment staff. Therefore this ceremony was joined wt  Marhaban Pemuda Kawasan Sri Gading on 17 oct 2009. Pic was taken not available to up load…sorry.

Din, a massage for you, very simple : You need to get marriage bro..

Mu’az : We love you son wt all we have / shared all this years. Next year will be a tough year for you, a formal education session will be applied / started. Less “upin and Ipin” time, more quran and mengaji hopefully…Hope we can managed it together and may Allah guided you to be who ever you want to be..


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