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Muktamar AGI 2009: Selamat menjalankan tugas!

Posted by Emg Trading & Services on 27 October, 2009

Last Saturday, I was invited to attend an alumni meeting so called muktamar AGI (Alumni Graduan Islam).

It was very a good feeling when we can meet few faces which we have committed and exposed an experience of lifetime together such as Tamrin Qiadi etc..

There are a few issues highlighted; may be some people may seen it as ‘recycle’ issues addresses, however it  was the reality of alumni at any organizations. Specially on – No commitment from the old-forks to attend and this society was been treated as the last priority.

I realized that we are now at real life..campus time were past.

Admittedly, I were ignored it once..but now we need to change. We needs to change the way we thinking this society really is. We have been grooming together and shared our time and module almost the same from generation to generation. This is no classmate alumni or schoolmate alumni..this is an jamaah alumni + bai’ah we have voiced once. It must be difference from the other alumni.

I just want to share my thought about the programmed.

May be some of us need to lead the changes, I spare this part to the new leaders to take the challenge..There is some issue may be arise again, but at least we have done our part to ensure  the society stay alive and relevant.

Good luck brothers..

(No pic available, I forget to bring the cable wire to tranfer the image..I will download it later)



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