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Zulkifli Noordin telah jadi ahli Parlimen PAS?

Posted by Emg Trading & Services on 8 December, 2009


Ribut tak ada, hujan tak ada tiba-tiba sebuah blog Sarawak menyatakan Zulkifli Noordin telah menjadi ahli parlimen Pas!

Apabila membaca isu Fatine dan ulasan Zulkifli Noordin. Sebuah blog di Bintulu menyatakan  Zulkifli Noordin yang mengulas ‘membenarkan’ isu ini adalah Ahli Parlimen PAS.

Betulker Zulkifli Noordin dah masuk PAS? Silap-silap ada yang kena saman nanti ni. Jangan main-main, pakcik tu lawyer! Memang carik nahas..

Rujuk arikel dibawah:

Tranvestite Mohammed Fazdil ‘Fatine’ unlikely ally – hardliner PAS parliamentarian.

 Posted by Editorial Team | Dec 6th, 2009

Mohammed Fazdil Bin Min Bahari or ‘Fatine’, 36 Malaysian transvestite caught overstaying in Britain and facing deportation had an unlikely supporter in Malaysia, hardliner Islamic party – PAS.

PAS parliamentarian Zulkifli Noordin said it was wrong for immigration authorities to accused Fatine “of bringing shame” to the country and threatened legal action against her.

“There is no issue here. If its verified that Fatine is a khunsar (hermaphrodite), the Syariah recognises the three categories of sex clearly,” he told The Malaysian Insider in Parliament on Dec 3.

According Zulkifli a ‘khunsar’ or hermaphrodite is different from transvestite as it is a “natural” phenomena recognize by Islam, while transvestite is not.

He also called for the Fatwa Council to explain Islam’s stand on the hermaphrodite issue to educate society on an issue that often led to cultural if not legal persecution.

“What is this Khunsar, who gets to determine if he/she is a khunsar or not but I am saying the person involved should have the right to determine and if he chooses to be a female, then we should recognise her as a khunsar and she can get married and all,” he said.

Mohammed Fazdil Min Bahari married Briton Ian Young in a civil ceremony but was refused a permanent visa on technical grounds, British media reported.

Ian Young was said to be deeply saddened that the British immigration authorities had forced his wife Mohammed Fazdil Bin Min Bahari to return to Malaysia to reapply for a permanent visa.

Unlike in most western countries ’same-sex marriage is illegal in Malaysia. Religious authorities in the country said Mohammed Fadzil could face legal action if he registered his marriage in Malaysia.

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2 Responses to “Zulkifli Noordin telah jadi ahli Parlimen PAS?”

  1. Terima kasih atas informasi yang sangat berguna.

  2. pokku(putrajaya) said

    Kalau betul….Alhamdulillah….lebih ramai golongan profesional memperjuangkan ISLAM…Amin

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